A One Year Sprint Toward a Lifetime of Memories

We made it! It is official, our twins are one! How is this even possible? It seems like yesterday that I thankfully heard my phone in the middle of the night when my wife’s water broke (I am a deep sleeper). Amanda was on hospital bed rest because of Tucker’s cord flow. She was scheduled for a C-Section a few days later, but Tucker was ready now! Poor Turner had no choice in the matter, but there we were, parents of twin boys and a three year old.

This past year is not lacking for memories. We have many memories of the last year. Those first two months, spent in the NICU, were quite difficult. In fact, they were hard days! Turner came home after 22 days but it took 50 days before Tucker was ready to come home. We praise God every day that both babies did considerably well, other than needing to eat and grow. The twins never needed breathing assistance, which is remarkable considering their size.

Looking back, it seems like our twins were crawling in no time. For fifty days, we crawled. The daily grind of life became quite challenging and difficult. Schedules were difficult to plan with a three year old and twins in the NICU. Thankfully, we had much help to ease the difficulty. My wife and I drove just over a combined three-thousand miles. Each drive became harder as we just wanted our boys home.

Those first days and weeks consisted of us being as involved as possible. Taking part of care times and holding our precious twins became a daily joy! As little as they were, we were making precious memories (even with challenging Covid protocols). Looking back, we have truly sprinted out of the gate. This year flew by. Slowing down is not in sight, but that is ok, we are making great memories along the way.

The course of the year has paved way for numerous memories. Doctors told us that Tucker would eventually catch up in size, but it would likely be longer than a year. Tucker sprinted out of the gate and is right in line with Turner. These kids have contagious joy. I have strong memories of their big smiles and precious laughter over the course of the year. These boys love their brother, Luke, and he is an amazing big brother. It takes a lot to be willing to have two babies crawling over you and playing with your toys! Luke stepped up to the plate immediately and never looked back.

Today, we celebrate a one year sprint that was full of busy and long day. My wife has done an amazing job with them and keeping me sane. When we found out we were having twins, Amanda asked me, “What are you thinking?” I replied, “What are we going to do?” These precious memories are documented with our technology, but more importantly, in our hearts. I expect much more sprinting with life with twins and a four year old. We will be exhausted both physically and mentally, but the lifetime of memories coming our way will bless us each day!

Happy 1st Birthday, Tucker and Turner!

The Needed No Show At Apple’s Fall 2021 Event

Tomorrow is no secret! Apple will officially unveil a new product line and officially be one step closer to their new operating software release date, as they do each fall. We are expecting to be wowed by updated tech and features that Apple fanboys will droll over. Many leaks have been made available to the public of what to expect. Considering predictably, we for sure will see a new line of iPhones and Apple Watches. I am genuinely curious if Apple will go with the iPhone 13 name, considering the unlucky nature of the number thirteen.

I am a mixed bag about this upcoming Apple Event. The tech nerd in me is beyond excited to see what Apple can pack into their new product line. Portrait Video, as rumored will be a dream. The ability to get blurred out backgrounds while filming will dramatically help those who do not want a full fledged videography kit. Being able to take high quality photos and video will be a huge draw for many. This, every year, is a big selling point for many. Expect to see many step up their Instagram and Tik Tok game in the near future.

It is no lie, my wife and I have iPhone X’s that are on their last leg (they have been great phones). As a result, we know we are at a crossroads as we must decide what to do next. With three young kids, the ability to capture life’s milestones and memories surely plays a deciding factor, hence my dilemma. At the same time, have you seen the prices of phones these days?

For me, with all of this weeks rumors, it disappoints me that the iPhone SE is likely not getting a necessary upgrade to step into 5G. Apple’s budget option is just that. It is a stripped down iPhone that is still capable of being picked off of the Apple tree. The only thing it is missing…is 5G. Google just recently updated their budget option to include 5G. While 5G is still new, I just do not feel comfortable upgrading quite yet. Apple, please prove me wrong, but I expect this in the spring.

The desires of my pocket computer have dramatically changed over the last several years. If you have read any of my articles, breaking away from smartphone addiction is something I have written articles on a number of times. There is a reason for this and Apple has addressed some of these concerns with the release of Screen-time and the new iOS 15 feature focus mode. As a beta tester, I have loved Focus. I love my Apple devices. I love how everything seamlessly works together as if it was plucked off the same tree. My Apple Watch of almost five years hit the dust two weeks ago. Will Apple wow me tomorrow and make me ask my wife for new tech? Probably. However, I am almost convinced that being separated from my wearable may be a good thing. Do I miss closing my rings and getting pinged? Yes. Do I think it is the end of the world? No. My AirPods have actually filled the gaps quite well. Do I miss a few calls here and there? Yes (sorry Amanda). But that is not always a bad thing. When I desire to be connected at all times, I pop in a AirPod and it steps right up to the plate.

An updated iPhone SE enables me to not feel guilty about its price point when I desire to turn my phone into a dumb phone. Other than missing the fancy camera, the SE will get the job done for me. Again, it is a phone after all. My AirPods will be happy to pick up the lacking pieces.

If I were honest, I really want a basic flip phone. However, the thought of going back to T9 texting haunts me. I have developed a good system that works for me in regards to having a “dumb” iPhone. Whether it is a week or a few days, I feel a lot better about disconnecting at the budget price point (especially considering I have an iPad and computer). Who knows, maybe I will pull the trigger on the current SE model!

What are you most looking forward to at the Apple Event? You can watch it here.