What Am I Reading This Year?

A new year means new goals. After a strenuous master’s degree program, I took some time off of reading for fun. Honestly, my brain needed a break. I could set this goal higher, but as mentioned in a previous post, I want my reading goal to be attainable and not intimidating (read here).

I may make some tweaks to this list, but my goal is to read 24 books this year. I am going to list 20 books that I plan to read. I am taking suggestions for the last four and I am willing to adjust some of these. It is difficult to fully predict what I plan to read. These have been on my backlog for awhile, so many of these make sense.

I am looking forward to getting back into Goodreads for tracking purposes and to watch others on their quest to complete their goals (many are much higher than mine). Goodreads is a fabulous tool if you love reading. It is definitely worth looking into if you love reading.

Here are twenty books I hope to read this year:

  1. Here and Now (Gallaty)
  2. Church in Hard Places (McConnell)
  3. Am I Called? (Harvey)
  4. Screens and Teens (Koch)
  5. I am Going (Akin)
  6. Gaining by Losing (Greear)
  7. Ordinary (Merida)
  8. Leading on Empty (Cordeiro)
  9. Rediscovering Discipleship (Gallaty)
  10. Something Needs to Change (Platt)
  11. Replicate (Gallaty)
  12. Preaching for the Rest of Us? (Gallaty)
  13. Lies Pastors Believe (Hartman)
  14. It Happens After Prayer (Charles)
  15. Among Wolves (Lewis)
  16. Creature of the Word (Chandler, Patterson, Geiger)
  17. How to Ruin Your Life (Geiger)
  18. The Volunteer Church (Anderson & Fox)
  19. Practicing Greatness (McNeal)
  20. Taking God at His Word (DeYoung)

This concludes my current plan of what I hope to read. I’m looking to finish this list with fictional books. What books would you add to this list? What books do you plan to read this year? What is your 2021 reading goal?

Peace Be Still

There are many feelings tonight spread across these United States of America. In fact, the rippling effect is continuing to push to the far pressed regions of our land. Feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, confusion, hope, and many others all at a loss. The events at the nation’s capital will send shockwaves from the east to the west. As an American, I am concerned. As a believer in Christ, I am not surprised, yet, I have great hope.

We have a problem that reaches far beyond the chaos of D.C. Our problem extends past a COVID-19 saturated world. The problem is deeper than rioting and hatred toward one another. Faith in a government, a politician, a sports team, or anything else will ultimately disappoint. The problem that encompasses all listed above is rooted in one thing. That one thing is faith. Unfortunately, the faith of mankind is rooted in all the wrong places. This is not by design, but it is the reality of a sin cursed world. Our problem is a sin saturated world, and Covid is just one result of that. Our problem runs deeper as we rioted against a holy and good God, resulting in sin that also consist of hatred toward others. Our problem is the chaotic seismic shift from a perfect creation to a world that cuts deep without regard and desire for what is good.

I am not commissioning you to walk on water, but tonight you need to hear the word peace. You need to hear peace be still. A storm is brewing in our world. It reaches far beyond the events in Washington D.C. Today is just one more example of what our world desperately needs. It does not need more protests and politicians. It needs peace! That one word had the power to tame the winds and the waves. That one word calmed a powerful storm. That one word would be spoken by the one who provided a peace offering between mankind and God. That Peace is Jesus and He changes everything.

The paradigm of this world is in desperate trouble based off of the proposition that sin brings. Today is just another example. You could say it is just the beginning, but the paradigm has been darkening day after day for thousands of years. No president, king, government, individual, or group can fix the root issue, which is sin. The only one who can is the King of kings, the Lord or Lords, and the Savior of the world, Jesus. The darkness of death could not hold Him. The power of the storm could not shake Him. The rioting serpent could not convince Him. Nothing could rattle God’s plan to provide peace to those who do not deserve it. God lovingly sent His Son to die so that we could be given peace.

I understand, this world is chaotic. Today is not the tip of the iceberg. More difficulty and destruction is on the way. The only answer is the Prince of Peace, Jesus. Things will continue to get worse before things get better. That is the reality of sin’s consequences. However, now or in the future, our response to true peace will culminate in further destruction or in the marvelous reality of salvation, which is only found in the cross and resurrection of Christ. Today is the day to walk out on the water to Him. Trust Him and let Him guide you through life’s journey. We can trust Him. We need to trust Him. We must trust Him.

Pray for Washington D.C. tonight.

Pray for the salvation of the lost tonight.

Pray for Gospel peace to infiltrate the darkest corners of our world.